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Does Hypnosis Work?

Most people have questions about hypnosis. Hypnosis isn’t magic. It isn’t sleep. Real hypnosis isn’t much like you’ve seen on TV or in the movies. You can’t be “made” to do anything, and you always have free will. You have to demonstrate you can pay attention and follow directions in order to be accepted as a client.

Hypnosis is currently taught at many major medical schools including Harvard Medical School and Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons. All branches of the military, the secret service, and many law enforcement agencies have used hypnosis for decades. Hypnosis has been part of the healing arts since the 1800s. Top athletes, and corporate executives use hypnosis and custom suggestions to sharpen their focus, increase self confidence and overcome performance problems.


We explain the programs,  costs, the prerequisites you need, and our procedures. Most importantly, we evaluate whether hypnosis is right for you. We want you to feel very secure that hypnosis DOES work, and it will work for you.

Together we’ll talk about the situation or issue you wish to change. You will need to know about what your responsibilities will be in the decision to create the changes you want now. All your questions will be answered and you’ll get an honest opinion of your ability to be hypnotized and achieve your desired results.

When you’re accepted into a Hypnosis Program, we do our best to structure your custom program so that it fits your budget, lifestyle, and time requirements.


If we do not feel hypnosis, or our services, will benefit you, we tell you so, and make a referral to a qualified professional who can help. If you are suffering with too much weight, a difficult smoking habit, a lot of stress or lack of self-confidence, hypnosis offers you a genuine opportunity to succeed, grow and be more.

The documented success people achieve with hypnosis is undeniable fact. A testament to the effectiveness and value hypnosis has given the social sciences and humanity.

Hypnosis is an obvious first choice for weight problems, smoking habits, stress management and overcoming unreasonable fears.

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